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Stinky Baby Vinyl Sticker

Stinky Baby Vinyl Sticker

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This sticker features a "Keddogg's" cereal box, with an illustration of a fluffy dog on the front. On the side of the box there is a seal for "voted most stinky," with a set of nutrition facts (cuteness = 60, stinkiness = 100, fluffiness = 50, angriness = 70, babyness = 100). The text on the sticker reads "100% certified stinky baby."

The art is inspired by my dog, Pika, who is definitely a stinky baby (she hates baths with a burning passion). But we love her anyway—who isn't a stinky baby? 🤣

✦ Weatherproof
✦ Size: About 3" x 2.5"
✦ Made of matte vinyl

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