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Worm in Love Sweater

Worm in Love Sweater

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This knitted sweater features a colorful worm that wraps around the front and back of the sweater. There are tiny hearts on the sleeves, and the sweater is vaguely inspired by the meme ("would you still love me if I were a worm?").

✦ Machine wash cold, air dry (or tumble dry on the lowest heat setting, but that may cause a bit of shrinkage depending on the dryer)
✦ Sizes available: XS–3XL
✦ 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
✦ Wash before wearing

❁ Sweater details 
These sweaters are made using jacquard knitting, a technique that weaves 7 colors together to create detailed patterns in the knitted fabric.
They have a slight drop shoulder design, and have a Meridrop interior label. Please refer to the sizing chart (last photo) when figuring out your ideal fit—in general they fit true to size, but you can size up if you want a more oversized look. I recommend washing the sweater before your first wear, so it will be softer and fluffier!

❁ Model details ❁
Matt is 5'10" (178 cm) and wearing a size M. See the sizing chart in the last photo for accurate measurements!

❁ Return policy ❁
I do not accept returns due to the size of my small business, so please double check the sizing chart before ordering! Thank you for understanding :)

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